Cook's Crippled Cats


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Bellum  ----- no longer available  

Bellum and her sister were a bonded pair until Cere passed from congestive heart failure in Nov. of 2013. Bellum grieved all winter. Now she is fine but still looks for her sister sometimes. She is loving as long as you are sitting down. A standing human scares her. Sit down and she will rub against your legs to be picked up and loved. She is all lady. 

Uses the litter box with out problems. Loves the yard and hides in the mint all day if you let her.



Mickey  ---- no longer available 

Mickey thinks he is fine but has quite a wobble.

He is a neutered male born summer of 2013

Mickey is great at walking, a jerky strut and then when he runs his back end runs faster than the front. Yep, his butt end tries to pass him 

Mickey was abused as a kitten and so is afraid of people. Once you get a hold of him he starts purring and cuddles. With the right person he will be a wonder.  Some one on one time to build confidence in that person. I do not think he will ever be one to go to strangers. Mickey needs a human that understands him.