Cook's Crippled Cats

Bigger wish list

There are some "big ticket" items that we could use. These are the one time items that do not need to be re stocked like food and litter.

bath rugs (the small ones you step on when getting out of the shower or tub) We never have to many of these.


Cat fence to keep adventure kitties in and Racoons out.

Wrap around of some kind to keep kittens from going under and behind our claw foot bath tub.


New floor, We need a contractor or people who know how, under flooring and linoleum  for rooms  12 X 12,   12 X 10,  10 X 10.  Why? Often we have incontinent cats. The carpet has been ruined and removed, The peal and stick tiles do not work. Linoleum is the only practical answer. Our main room is the most important, it is an L shape  12 X 12 and  12 X 10 put together into one room. the 10 X 10 is the laundry.  The floor is 1903 sub floor wood. Painted. After those if some wonderful person insisted on doing the Kitchen and bathroom we would just have to smile and say " THANK YOU !!!! "


Paint for walls, high gloss for easy cleaning. 

WHITE, LIGHT. GRAY, lime green or light pink are best or gift card to store were good paint can be bought.

White floor paint (until linoleum can be laid)





If you can and are willing to help with any of these items Please telephone the sanctuary (509) 624-0092