Cook's Crippled Cats

How it all started


There have always been cats in my life.  Always room for one more although not to the point of hording like you

see on TV.

At one time in the 70's there were 13 cats living with myself and my children.  That was borderline to much then

and I was still young and had lots of energy.

Flash forward, 

My youngest grandson was born with many birth defects.  Loving him and watching him grow, seeing his smiles

opened a new door of understanding.

Years later I started fostering orphaned kittens for the Humane Society.  Loved every min. At this time in life

retired (well as retired as an artist ever is) and living alone with my little dog and a couple of cats. The time

and ability to nurse them was there.

Then came the HELP!! add on CL.   A woman wanting help to put a crippled kitten down. Yes, I would do that

for her. (I thought) She brought the little fella over and she explained that her children twisted him, damaging

his spinal cord so she couldn't sell him to the pet store with the rest of the kittens  and " just didn't have the

money to have him put down." OK, I took the little fella in with planes to go to the vet the next day. Showed

him around the house and then put him down on the floor. He quickly drug himself to the litter box, used it and

drug himself back wanting to be picked up.    That did it.  He was a keeper. I fell asleep with the little fella in my

arms, thinking about my grandson. This kitten could have a good life .  With out much money myself I took him

around to the neighbors who all chipped in for X-rays etc.  Then it was off to the vet.  I was told he was not in

pain and though he would never regain the use of his hind legs he was healthy.  So the therapy started., every

day stretching and working with the legs. He gets around great now. It's a funny type of walk but his front legs

and chest are so strong he goes over the fence with ease.  He has become Top Cat in the hood (he thinks).

What a joy to have him around. 

During this prosses I was struck with such a feeling of compleatness I realised this is my place in the universe.

It didn't take long to decide to open a sanctuary. Not one minute have I regretted it.

So many of the crippled kitties just need time to heal, to a just to there new way of being. Compassion and a lap. makes all the make all the difference. 

  Just a few weeks after Easter of 2013 someone stole him from us. My heart breaks every time I see his favorite spots to hang spot. I pray he is in a good home and loved.


Please, if you see and animal you believe to be injured knock on some doors and find out what's going on before taking it wisking them away.