Cook's Crippled Cats

Cook's is a home sanctuary that takes in and cares for crippled cats                                 friend us on face book

Those wonderful felines that otherwise would be "put down."  have a home and love here untill adoppted

Our cats are victims of birth defects, accidents, neglect or violence.

All are neutered before leaving Cook's. They are stable and as healthy as possible. None are known to be contagious.

New homes are chosen carefully.

To adopt contact us via telephone or E-mail at which time an appointment can be made to meet the available cats and for us to get to know you.


Crippled cats looking for sanctuary are welcome anytime. Please telephone to be sure there is a human home to do the paper work and to set your love at ease. 

We are always accepting applications for foster humans.  We have comfortable room for ten at the sanctuary.

We try to be prepared for overflow.


(509) 624-0092

6 N. Maple, Spokane WA 99201-1226

cook's cats in subject box please


            Donation wish list

cat  & kitten food; dry and canned

clumping litter

Front Line / revolution flea treatments for new cats

gift cards for pet stores or any store that carries cat items in Spokane WA ( ie: Wal-mart, Target, Pet-Co, Pet-smart, Safeway, etc.)

donations to our vet account at

 "Cats Meow Feline Veterinary Clinic"

1017 South Perry Spokane, WA 99202

(509) 535-MEOW (6369)

This is our greatest need as

new cats must be vet checked, shots, spay or neuter, any needed meds or surgery (can be expensive depending on the condition of the kitty when they come in).


Sponsorship of a particular kitty can be set up.    That insures the needs of that one particular kitty    are met.

Visitors welcome at any reasonable time.

 appointments are requested (but not required) to be sure our staff of one is home and not at the store, vet, or in the bath. This is a private home and life happens.